Sunday Meetup

Public Meetups

Our community existed before everything else, and practicing parkour wouldn't be the same without it. At these events, we hone our skills, strength, and mental creativity; we create physical challenges in an environment full of unseen potential; and we build lasting memories with the people around us. There is plenty of opportunity to grow your abilities whether you consider yourself a beginner or a fluent practitioner, so feel free to pop in and see what we're all about.

Meetup Locations

Check the map for the approximate meeting spot of each location, and use the calendar widget to view which location we selected for the week. 


  • The event starts at a consistent location, however, the group doesn't follow any itinerary and will change locations on a whim. The best thing to do is show up on time. When that's not possible, feel free to reach out to one of our senior members, Jereme Sanders, at 210-577-1491. 
  • Show up for as long as you like, and come prepared. You'll want to bring water, possibly some cash if you want to grab food afterwards, and maybe a video camera to document it all. Just keep an eye on it all.
  • For all our minors that are interested, it's important to plan ahead. Try to have a phone with you so you can get in touch with your ride. If you do not have a phone, then carry a parent's phone number in your pocket. 
  • Anybody can show up to the meetups.
  • ParkourSA cares about the wellbeing of community members, but cannot provide supervision for attendees of the meetups. We expect everybody to be individually accountable for their own actions.

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