Our Sessions

Donation Based Sessions

We want to build and engage a community of people passionate about their practice. We understand that near everything in our society is limited by an ability to afford the service. For that reason, we only expect donations for the following sessions. At the end of the session, pay us what you think the service is worth, and, more importantly, pay what you can. 

We are always looking to grow this program, so we can reach out to more students. If you are in a position to donate more than the suggested amount, please do. Your donation goes towards funding students who otherwise wouldn't be able to take classes.

Conditioning Sessions

1:00pm-2:00pm (Ages 13+)
Suggested Donation $10

These sessions are filled with parkour based movement, and designed to improve endurance and strength in your movement practice. These sessions provide all the benefits of fitness classes like improved muscle tone and size, as well as weight loss.

The location of the conditioning sessions rotate between four outdoor training spots that match the location of the meetup for that week. To find out where this session is being held, click on the calendar below and navigate to the Sunday you would like to attend. Then, check the map and find the matching location. Don't forget to enroll!

More to Come

Think you have a good idea? Feel free to suggest a new type of session to us through our facebook. With growing popularity and support, we would be able to expand these programs to include weekly games like Capture the Flag or Chalk Sock Dodgeball. All of course with some parkour flair.


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