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Our qualified coaches are dedicated to inspiring your inner child and your child! We teach all fitness levels ages 5 and up to value strength, persistence, creativity, and health.

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Find a training partner with the San Antonio Crew: the ever growing body of the local parkour scene. Click to find out how to get connected and where they train.

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Ready to re-explore your world through the lense of parkour? We have affordable memberships that work with your schedule. Begin your journey here.
We are a group of athletes, movers, shakers, thinkers, teachers, coaches, performers, and dreamers dedicated to sharing and advancing the sport of Parkour in San Antonio and beyond! We are first and foremost Parkour practitioners from all walks of life united in our goal to share this amazing art with the world by encouraging people to get up, get out, and move! It is our hope to blur the line between playing and working out, increasing education, health, fitness, and fun in our community!